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SMART LABEL BD announces the introduction of Heat Transfer Label from it state of the art and brand new transfer label plant.
Transfer label are rapidly gaining popularity worldwide in comparison to traditional garment labels for apparels and related applications. It conveys the brand image effectively & carries important information & care instructions, while being comfortable to the user.
Our Heat transfer labels are all free to manufacture the Heat Transfer Label based on Korean and all chemicals are tested and imported from original manufacturing country like Korea, China, Vietnam etc.

SMART LABEL BD meets global standards & safety compliances. All Heat Transfer labels are manufactured with completely safe imported chemicals and tested by MSDS.


Temperature: 150°C(302°F)~ 160°C(320°F)
Time: 5 seconds
Peeling: Hot Peel
Suitable for: Cotton, mixtures of polyester/cotton, polyester/acrylic or similar fabric
Not suitable for: Treated or dyed garments


Design an image you want by using computer design software.
Print and cut the image as it is by using printing & cutting machine.
Weed the useless film around the image.
Apply SLB Application tape on the image as a backing film.
Place the front image in the place where you want to transfer on the garment
Set a heat press machine from 150°C to 160°C.
Press it for 5 seconds at medium pressure.
When it is hot, remove SLB Application tape from the image.

NOTICE | All Information given in this page is based on our experience. We recommend you to perform a test prior to standard production. If you have special requests of roll specification, Please consult us.

Nubaid Accessories

Nubaid Ziplock & Zipper Poly

NUBAID ACCESSORIES has by far one of the EXCLUSIVE & FASHIONALBE poly bag manufacturing facilities for Under Garments, KIDS apparel in Bangladesh. We are nominated by many international reputed Brands through its quality accessories with competitive price.  Also we are BHT (Butylated Hydroxyl Toluene) ® Certified & Certified from INTERTEK.

The quality of our poly bags with respect to strength & variety keeps the customers satisfied and the Competitors away. We manufacture blister poly and hanger poly bags, including eight colors print with adhesive tape. Furthermore, Our zip-lock and zipper poly facilitate in place to cater the certain need of certain customers particularly for undergarments. NUBAID poly bags are used by buyers.

Poly Packaging

Multi color Printing including center of Gusset print, Using ROTO GRAVURE and Flexo Technology:
Poly Hanger Poly Ziplock Poly Button Poly Normal Poly Adhesive Poly Gassets Poly PVC (emboss) Poly BOPP

Printed Gumtap

Printed OPP Acrylic Adhesive Packaging GumTape:
Packing Tape Double Sided Gumtape Double Sided Foamtape Masking Tape Opp Defoo Packing Colourful Adhesive Tape Stationary Tape Extra Sticky Tape Carton Sealing Tape Solvent Based Acrylic Bopp Tape Bopp Bubble Crystal Super Clear Tape

Heat Transfer Label

Heat Transfer Label Woven Label Satin Label Cave Label

Our Jobs & | Execution

| Order Execution

At first, a senior Marketing officer collects the sample order from the buyer. It is done by using e-mail or directly from the buyer. In most cases, export orders are collected via e-mail.

| Product Development

According to buyer's instruction, our senior poly packaging merchandiser develops the ordered item and approve from the buyer. In respect of heat seal Label, a chemical expert on heat transfer label will investigate the quality and using materials and making computer design for sample .

| Price Negotiation

In the mean time, a senior merchandiser negotiates about the product price with the buyer and confirm the pricing of that.

| Order Confirmation

Here, our senior marketing officer confirms the order details from the buyer such as quantity, size etc.

| Material Sourcing

Material sourcing capability is an important qualification for a senior marketing officer. He maintains strong relationship with the suppliers, so that any item can manage in timely.

| Material Collection

Before going to the poly production, our senior merchandiser must in-house all the necessary materials. In-time material collection will help him to respect the shipment date.

| Production Planning

Production planning has a great importance for each export order. Accurate production planning will help our marketing officer not only for achieving targeted production but also shipping the goods in its right time.

| Factory Direct

We design items in our office and send them by electronic communication to our own production facility, where goods are produced in time, under the supervision of well trained and skilled dedicated staff, after developing sample send to R&D to test for final approval. From Factory we deliver Direct to Clients' required destination Our highest priority is to provide you what you want as quickly as possible.

| Ouality Assurance

Today's ready-made poly bag packaging business is totally related with right quality. Quality is the first priority here. In this case, a Garment Polybag merchandiser should assure the products quality by using all possible ways.
On the other hand, Heat seal Label merchandiser will transfer the label on right fabrics and he will test all wash like hand wash, stone wash etc.

| Final Inspection

According to buyer's instruction, here a senior Garment Poly packaging merchandiser is now ready to arrange final inspection for the order, which provides clearance for that order, whether it is perfect for shipping or not.

| Delivery Procedure

Giving your order, you feel anxious free .Our cover van is always ready to meet your garments manufacturing and our delivery staff s are very much aware about final QA inspection and shipment date.

| Shipment

In this case, our Garment Poly bag merchandisers ship all the goods with the help of commercial department, where commercial department submits all the shipping documents to the port.

Order Execution

Product Development

Price Negotiation

Order Confirmation

Production Planning

Quality Assurance

Final Inspection


Our Management

Rtn. Mubinul Hoque Mubin

CEO & Proprietor

  • Mobile | +88 01835 41 31 71
  • Hotline | +88 01706 355 999
  • E-mail |
  • Ex. AGM (Corporate Affairs), Uni Group of Industries Ltd.
  • Affiliations | Charter President, Rotary Club of Chittagong Uptown
  • Honorable Life Member | Chattogram Maa o Shishu Hospital, Chattogram Kidney Foundation, Chattogram Red Creasent Society
  • Assistant District Governor | RID-3282 Bangladesh.

Rotarian Mubinul Hoque Mubin | a young entrepreneur in innovative business sector in Bangladesh such as Garment Heat transfer label, Water treatment Plant, Agriculture. He born in a reputed Muslim and educated family in Chittagong, Bangladesh. His native village is situated at the southern side of Banshkhali Upozella of Chittagong District. He was an AGM (Corporate affairs) of Uni Group of Industries for last 14 years.

He involved in many international Organisation like Inter Rotary International. He is the Charter President of Rotary Club of Chittagong Uptown. He is the Honorable life Member of Chattogram Maa O Shishu Hospital, Chattogram Kidney Foundation, Chattogram Red Creasent Society. Proudly he is assigned Assistant District Governor of RID-3282 Bangladesh.

Nubaid Profile

Nubaid Garment Poly Bag & Accessories

TYPE Accessories Manufacturing
PRODUCTS Garment Accessories | Heat Transfer Label | Garments Poly Bag
PACKAGING ZIP LOCK bags for Garments. (Zip Lock bags with heat Seal Zip Lock attachment with high quality printing for Garment packing.)
Multi color Printing including center of Gusset print, Using ROTO GRAVURE and Flexo Technology
Ultrasonic top/ Header sealing printed bags with strip inlay.
School Uniform bags
Permanent Adhesive Bags (Once closed can not reopen).
Hook poly bags for garments (In house Hooks/ hanger manufacturing).
Perforated / double side Seal BOPP bags.
Hanger poly bags with perforation.
OFFICE 1477 / 1678, Asian Highway Road, Bahaddarhat Pond (East Corner), Chittagong, Bangladesh.


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